World Mental Health Day


The Dean of our School has just kindly reminded us that today is ‘World Mental Health Day‘  – a day which has been marked every year since since 1992. This year there is a particular focus on mental health in the workplace -so, why not take a minute to think what you could do to help your own or a colleague’s mental health today? PsychologyItBetter has some suggestions…

Help yourself and others…

You could try and help yourself by trying something new  which may aid your mental health (why not have a go at singing, meditation , get outside or simply get some more sleep). Many of these you could (perhaps :-)) do at lunch!

Or, perhaps even better, why not reach out to a colleague and say thanks (here are 51 ideas of how to!), or brighten up someones day by paying-it-forward, do a favour for no reason at all, or simply make time to have a proper lunch with someone you know (See Prof Kimberley Eisbach on why lunch is important, and how to make the most of your lunch hour). Maybe just show someone you care. Some research also suggests bringing your dog to work may lower your stress, but I am not sure how well that you pan out with a lecture hall full of students so may give that one a miss. Also, I would have to steal a dog, which seems a bit counter to the spirit of the thing.

Whatever you do, take a moment to think about mental health of yourself and others today. And tomorrow, and the 363 other days until World Mental Health Day 2018…

Why not take a moment to think about how you could reach out to someone (or help yourself) today? #worldmentalhealth Share on X



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