Timeline Technique CPD (FOR FREE!)

The Timeline technique

Building on my counselling and therapy practice, I’m dipping my toes into the world of CPD / training for counselling and psychotherapy! I’m delighted to introducing my first course on the Timeline Technique.

I’ve started with a technique for helping clients develop timelines as I find it really useful in my own work. This is a approach which draws on both psychodynamic perspectives and narrative therapy. Helping clients systematically build and explore a personal timeline is a really effective way of getting them to reflect on their full story (not just the tough bits), and see links between events. It also helps clients break stuck and unhelpful narratives. I also present a few variations of the approach focussing on future perspectives and meaning making.

The course is a combination of videos and worksheets. By the end, I’d hope you be confident enough to use the technique yourself to help your clients achive good outcomes.

I’d love to give PsychologyItBetter readers who are also counsellors or therapists a chance to be among the first to use this, and for free as a thank you for support of this blog over the years. Happily, I can! I have 100 free spots to give away in the next 30 days. The course is over on Udemy, which means that you can keep it forever and learn at your own pace. If you grab a spot before the offer runs out, it will cost you nothing at all – thats a low risk offer 🙂

If timelines seem like something you’d like to use more of in your practice, or your want to pick up some tips on how to do them in a new way, simply click here for your free CPD, valid till 03/23/2024 – available while stocks last.

Missed the intro? You can still find out more at the course page or at danielfrings.com.

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