Brexit is still very much about how people feel

Way back before the Brexit vote I wrote a post on why I was going to vote to stay in the EU, and how I felt when the vote went the other way. As you imagine, a lot has happened since then – we have had a crazy general election, and we still have no idea what Brexit will look like. But what do people feel about it now?

In the midst of the current exit negotiations and general sense of economic turmoil, a lot of media attention has been focused on the negotiations . A lot less has been directed about how people feel about Brexit now. Anyhow, I just came across a fascinating article in the independent discussing research on how in the valleys of South Wales (who predominantly voted leave) felt (and feel) about it all now, a year on from the vote. I think it is worth checking out….

I spent a year researching why working-class Welsh people in the Valleys voted for Brexit, and this is what I found

Not sure how all of it sits with me, but definitely food for thought….

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