Why am I writing this?

My name is Dan Frings and I’m an academic – specifically an Associate Professor in Psychology. Academics write copiously, but within quite strict confines. We write journal articles each focused on a single experiment. We write book chapters (or even books) to specialist audiences of academics. Occasionally we write text books for undergraduates. We are always very circumspect in the claims we make about what our work means.

At the end of last year I was invited to be involved in writing a book which was a little different (for me at least). This books was called called “Psychology Squared:100 Concepts in Psychology you should know”. It’s aimed at a mass audience, and boils down complex concepts into bite sized chunks (and each gets a picture or diagram). Although it’s not out until June, for me it’s already had a big impact. I discovered that I really enjoyed writing for a non-academic audience.

This blog was inspired by my enjoyment of writing for a new (and arguably much larger!) audience, combined with my passion for my discipline. The systematic study of psychology has, I believe, a massive potential to improve peoples lives in manifold ways, and I want people to help get to grips with it (whilst discovering more for myself along the way!).

What is on the way?

I hope to try and outline some of the various ways the scientific study of psychology can make things better in easy to access ways. Most importantly I want you, the reader, to feel like you gain more insight into psychology and the way it can be applied to real life. I do hope you enjoy reading it, and that you take something useful away with you each time you visit.

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