What should social psychologists be exploring next?

Where is (should?) social psychology heading?

Last week I posted about going through the process of writing Social Psychology: the Basics, a new textbook I am currently writing. I am just about to get cracking on the first draft of the final chapter. One aim of this section is to discuss future directions of social psychology as a discipline. I’m interested in what new topics social psychologist will (or should) be exploring. And I would like you to tell me!

Get involved…

If you’re a psychologist…

Your opinion is important. If you are involved in psychological research it would be great if you could tell me your predictions about the new (or renewed) topics that will emerge in social psychology over the next 20 years.  What is the next big (and/or important) thing going to be?

If you are not…

Your opinion is even more important! What do you think are the most pressing challenges that social psychology should try and address over the next two decades? What should we be spending our time and energy on and why?


It’d would be great to get really diverse views – so please comment in the box below and circulate this post widely….

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