Experiences of bariatric patients following surgery.

Have you had weight loss surgery or know anyone who has?

A team of researchers at London South Bank University (led by Dr Kerry Wood) are conducting a new research project which aims to explore how people who have bariatric (weight loss) surgery think about themselves, their identity and their weight loss. We are looking for a limited number of volunteers to take part in  45min-1hr telephone/online interview to discuss their  experiences.

Who can get involved?

We are seeking 15 English-speaking individuals, aged 18 or over, who underwent surgery for weight loss one or more years ago.

Everyone who completes an interview will receive a £15 Amazon voucher.

How can I get involved?

If you have had weight loss surgery and would like to take part, please email the project team at singhs17@lsbu.ac.uk or woodk6@lsbu.ac.uk to find out more.

If you know someone else who may be interested in taking part, please share this page with them 🙂

This research has received ethical approval from London South Bank University (Ethics number ETH1920-0146).