Better Influence: 10 quick concepts you can use to persuade others more effectively (US Edition).

About the book

We all want to be more effective at influencing others. Drawing on both classic and  contemporary accounts of social influence and persuasion, this PocketBook outlines 10 key concepts which will help improve you own influence attempts and resist those made by others. Each concept is concisely presented in 600 words or less, making it perfect to dip into. Every section also outlines improvements you can implement easily into your day-to-day life.

Concepts covered include:

  • How different thinking styles influence the way we process arguments
  • How to pitch the right arguments to the right people
  • Using the power of giving meaning to behavior to maximize responses
  • Using the power of social proof effectively
  • Understanding the role and use of nudges.

and many more!

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About the author

Dan_Headshot_lowresDaniel Frings holds a PhD in Psychology and is an Associate Professor in the discipline. He has published research extensively in various fields including decision making, performance, health and social influence.  He curates, a blog which aims to show how psychology can improve our everyday lives in ways both large and small.