Where did PiB go?

It’s been a unique (for most of us) year….

Covid-19 has obviously changed pretty much everything for pretty much everybody this year… Much like everyone else I have been juggling work and family, and securing sufficient supplies of toilet roll. I’ve also had a few projects on the go – not least of which is the compilation of a new handbook on alcohol use (working with Prof. Ian Albery and a featuring a host of amazing authors – more on this soon – including a cover reveal :-)). I have also completed the first stage of my training to be a counsellor which is super exciting – I embarked on the second stage of this journey this month. It is a lot of work (and personal development), but really interesting 🙂

All in all, I’ve not had a chance to post a lot in 2020, and that’s a real shame- but I hope to try to get a few more out in the remainder of the year and the in 2021 – fingers crossed!

Take care, and I hope to be posting more soon!

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