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Dan Frings

About Me: In my ‘professional’ life I’m an Associate Professor in Psychology working out of London South Bank University. My research in psychology focuses on how the social identities we hold can affect the way we think, feel and behave, with a particular focus on addiction, and I have authored various peer reviewed journals on this and related subjects.I’m also the Associate Editor of a great journal called the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.  This latter role I love because I am broadly interested in the various ways in which psychology can be used to make our lives (and the lives of others) a bit better.  In my ‘non-professional’ life I have a family I love and an allotment I experiment (badly!) upon.

About this blog: Psychologists generate insights into how our minds and behaviour work all the time. Often, these insights can be helpful in peoples everyday lives. I believe the lessons we learn from Psychology should be available to all, in ways which are comprehensible and, above all, useful. This blog is my attempt to convey my ideas around this subject, drawing on my own and others expertise. All views expressed are my own, and do not necessarily reflect that of my employer. I hope you find something you like here, and that it helps, in some small way, for you to PsychologyItBetter yourself!

Dan Frings

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