You’re invited…to my inaugural!

Inaugural lectures are traditionally a way of welcoming newly promoted Professors (Chairs in the US) into the academy. They act as a bit of a rite of passage.

Unfortunately, mine was not scheduled when I was actually promoted (due to changes in the University I work at, and later the pandemic). But those days are behind us now (somewhat…) and LSBU is making up for lost time!

After much consideration I have decided to spend this time talking about identity. I’ll be looking at how the various identities we hold impact us on a day to day basis, dipping into areas as diverse as COVID, addiction, parenting and ice hockey. I’ll also explore how these fundamental aspects of our ‘self’ operate at levels which are consciously accessible and not – and what all this means for tackling pressing social issues. Sound interesting? If so, come join me on the evening of 16th March 2022, in person, at our London Southwark campus.

You can book a spot here