Understanding and Managing Stress

How can we cope better with stress?

Whilst we may not be able to remove the sources of stress in our lives, we all have the potential to better manage how we respond to them. However, to do so effectively, we must also understand how stress operates. Drawing on a combination of decades of scientific evidence and his own personal experience, psychological researcher and author Dr Daniel Frings explains the processes which underpin our responses to stressful situations. He also outlines clear, effective ways to translate theory to practice – methods you can start using today.

This book comprises 10 sections, each of which concisely describes a psychological concept which is relevant to understanding and managing stress. Each ends with a ‘how do I use this?’ segment presenting realistic ways your new insight will help you. How our biology and psychology interact when we are stressed, the role of time perception, and the effects of mindfulness and self-affirmation are just some of the topics discussed. We all want to reduce the stress in our lives – and this book will help you do it!

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About the Author:

Dr Daniel Frings is a social psychologist interested in how psychology science can improve our lives on an everyday basis. Daniel consistently publishes his work in top scientific journals. His research covers areas such as performance under stress, group decision making, social influence and motivation.