Judgement (UK edition)

About the book:

‘It seemed like a good idea at the time….’
is a thought many of us has had, and most of us want to avoid! This volume will help you understand how different cognitive systems introduce systematic errors in the way we think and how to overcome them to improve your decision making. Each concept is presented concisely in less than 600 words, with a minimum of jargon and technicality. For each of the biases discussed a number of strategies you can immediately employ to minimize their effects are presented.



Concepts covered include;
  • How different thinking systems affect our ability to make accurate judgements
  • When the right (and wrong!) time to make a decision is
  • How the knowledge we have biases the way we process new information
  • Knowing how the way arguments are framed affects our perception of them
and many more!

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About the author:

Dan_Headshot_lowresDaniel Frings holds a PhD in Psychology and is an Associate Professor in the discipline. He has published research extensively in various fields including decision making, performance, health and social influence.  He curates www.PsychologyItBetter.com, a blog which aims to show how psychology can improve our everyday lives in ways both large and small.