Books, articles and the like


Things I have written

In my academic role I write a whole bunch of papers each year which outline the results of the psychological experiments and studies I conduct. The majority of these can be found on my ResearchGate page (this is a sort of facebook for academics, but anyone can join, and it gives you access to a ton of articles others have written).

I’ve also authored or contributed to some more weighty books, which you may be interested in:


Aimed at a general audience:

Psychology Squared: 100 concepts you should know*. Authored by myself and Dr. Christopher Sterling, and published by ApplePress (in the UK)  this book outlines 100 of the concepts in Psychology we feel you really should know about, each presented in easy to digest (and nicely illustrated!) chunks.


Aimed at an academic / student audience:

A chapter entitled ‘Group identity and self definition.’ in Handbook of Group Research and Practice* way back in 2005 with Prof. Dominic Abrams and Dr. Georgina Randsley De Moura reviewing the evidence around the relationship between the self and the groups we are part of. Out of print, but you can pick up a second hand copy if you shop about.